Antimatter Speculator

The family background of antimatter is complex. The slanderers speculated that the bitter fate of ruin had already befallen it at the time of the Big Bang. Yet other ideas suggest that annihilation of the antimatter was not total in those first few seconds: somehow, matter and antimatter managed to escape each other’s fatal grasp.

Where is it?

The Chief Inspector says: “No signs of antimatter were detected, but then again there’s a lot of universe that we haven’t looked at yet - and whole regions of it that are too far away ever to see.”
Antimatter, however, laid low, adjusting to this secret life. It convinced the world around it that it did not exist, which allowed it to run the entire underground operation smoothly. It is present everywhere; it absorbs information from wherever it goes. It lurks over the unsuspecting matter and waits, observes, records and speculates. Who knows to whom it is reporting this information? When the time is right, it will strike.


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