SUSPENSION - the act of hanging : the state of being hung. It can also mean the act of stopping something from happening, operating, etc. for a period of time.


At this pivotal moment in time, we are currently caught in suspension in many ways.

Just like in the art of shibari, we are forced to give up power and control, but this time of our everyday routine and what was once known as NOW.

We have temporarily suspended the need to be near each other because of a virus.

We are left vulnerable by words and actions we wish we could act on.

We yearn our communities, our family, our lovers. We desire the simple embrace and touch of a handshake.

We currently experiencing is the suspension of mobility,

The suspension of close contact

The suspension of movement

The suspension of society

The suspension of uncertainty

The pandemic is the suspension of breathing.

This suspension is making us vulnerable to ourselves and each other.

So many emotions of sadness, madness and chaos.Isn't it strange to be anything at all?

Our relationships to the self, to others and to non humans is because if we don’t take care of ourselves in OUR NEW NOW, there might not be a future at all.

NOW doesn’t last forever, but we can’t let time decide when we have to take action.

Love, empathy, compassion, radical tenderness and solidarity might be some of the critically needed and  underrated political forces for the NEW NOW.

The Norse God, Odin suspended himself from the tree known as Yggdrasil in order to seek in order to gain power and knowledge.

The story also teaches us we can achieve many things in life, but in most cases, nothing that is worth something comes easy. We have to struggle and fight for the things we want in life.

Unlike Odin and the tarot card of The Hanged Man, we didn’t choose to be in this position, but maybe we can take advantage that we’re at a standstill and seek clarity in this suspension in time.
We have temporarily suspended NOW is the time to catch our breath

NOW is the time to breathe
NOW is the time for a new hope
NOW is the time to dream
NOW is the time to go big
NOW is the time for forgive
NOW is the time to reach out
NOW is the time to take a chance
NOW is coming and going
NOW is the time to be vulnerable
NOW is the time to stumble
NOW is the time for radical tenderness
NOW is the time to seek refugee within each other
NOW is the time to change
NOW is the time to plan
NOW is the time to explore within
NOW is not the time to stop
NOW is the time be heard
NOW is the time for magic
NOW is the time to pretend
NOW is the time for to take risks
NOW is the time to take a chance
NOW is the time to rebuild
NOW is the time to reflect
NOW is the time to not the time to give up
NOW is the time no the time to give in
NOW is the the time to build community relations
NOW is the time to create the world deserve
NOW is to try something new.
NOW is all we have
NEW is what we need
NEW is what we’re seeking
NEW is what we desire
NEW is what we’re aiming for
The world is NEW NOW
NEW is what is needed NOW
NEW Paradigm Shifts NOW
NEW ways of overcoming NOW
Demand Utopias NOW
Demand Love NOW
Demand Coexistence NOW
Demand More NOW
Demand Better NOW
Demand Peace NOW
Demand NEW NOW