Dancing Devil

«Devil Dancing» is a performance by Carlos Amorales that first appeared between 2000  and 2003. Amorales descriptions goes as follows: «A jester costume with a faceless devil’s mask was used for performing within the audience of a concert or an art show, by inviting them to dance. The mask frustrated the possibility for eye contact and alienated the dancing character from the public and simultaneously this one from the performer, creating an impersonal distance that although sympathetic it was nevertheless uncanny. […].»

Also, Ibrahim Nehme can only write poems when he dances. The dancefloor can be the beginning of a movement, that frees your mind and your body.

The Dancing Devil stands for seduction to dance as way of how to approach and deal with knowledge. The Dancing Devil seduces and tempts, he carries the air of the forbidden, playful and mischievous. He keeps on questioning the state of things like a little goblin, getting on your nerves, but in a skittishly and charming manner. The Dancing Devil is the happy uselessness of the artist that reminds of past revolutions. He is a hauntological incendiary for those yet to come.


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