«Ferns are very common in Taiwan. They are valued by indigenous people but not by Japanese colonists or the Nationalists.» Since 2016 Zheng Bo has been visiting «a forest in Taiwan, making close contact with ferns. [Together with six young men] they establish emotional and physical relationships with the plants, relying on their bodies rather than words.» This close sexual encounter with the fern, the Pteridophilia, has become an annual ritual.

The Fern stands here for the attempt to be with plants and try to get in communication with them (even if their answer might last a couple of million years in form of changing their bodies), to be taken and seduced by plants, to feel one’s spirit heightened by their oxygen and to co-exist with these non-human beings. Like Zheng Bo in his Pteridophilia ritual or with his daily copying of plants in drawing, we can explore these a ways of learning, understanding and touching.