Ficta Facta

The mythological appearance of Ficta and Facta dates back to the earliest traditions of the Minoan civilization, but also shows close links to legends of the Kamba and Kikuyu peoples. Ficta and Facta are the deities of knowledge, narration, curiosity, longing and patron saints of sciences. Their figure is depicted as a human being whose two faces share one head.

The genderless beings were originally united in perfect harmony in thought, mind and body and decided from which mouth they spoke depending on the tale. Their words consisted of pure light that led them through the original chaos and darkness of the universe and connected them to Gaia. But the so-called Mwene-Nyaga (possessor of brightness) were ambushed by Ngai (or Uranos in the Greek mythology). He invited them to the mountain where he lived and out of envy of their shining words forced Ficta and Facta to choose once and for all between unshakable truth and mystical illusion. For the first time confronted with such a division, the deities were thrown off balance and the two faces each turned to one side. Ficta to mysticism, Facta to truth, and a delicate split emerged between the two halves, from which Ngai stole some glowing words and became a Mwene-Nyaga himself.

Ficta and Facta drifted apart and lost each other, but the two deities contained so much of each other that they are driven by an eternal longing to be reunited. Over the course of time, they left traces of their glowing words to find each other again, from which the stars and planets emerged. Mythology says that the universe will be in complete balance again when the two related spirits find each other again at the end of time.

Even today, the effects of the split are still felt: Ficta (from which "fiction" is derived) is more likely to be in the realm of artifice, Facta (from which "facts" is derived) more likely to be in the realm of truth.


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