(inside the foggy cloud)

is a nice super-hero (brother of demiurg, without specific gender), who takes care about the system of cooperation. It doesn´t use voyeurism, but about deep observation. It knows that this world will need a system (not a regime), but prefers mess and Švejk sense of humour, or Kafka's Metamorphosis. It is confused. Constantly seeks the inspiration, but forgets the purpose. It uses transformation, parallels - multilayer worlds and every word with a prefix re-. It has an ambivalent attitude to change - likes freedom in move and activism on one hand, but hate pressure in every case on other hand.

It uses the Identity of a place also and tries to escape in harmonious peace and rest in the suburbia / landscape (with ecological review). The main domain of its work is picking up and archive the memories, traditions, history, stories, mythology, archetypes (local / global) and collecting images (balancing between materiality and de-materiality). It likes diversity of form and thinking, and uses often DIY principles. It steals the Identity of people, pick-up ideas as mushrooms (part of a game), plays with the words, but doesn't care about fake news, media war and restriction.

It uses the method of losts itself (or feel happy if loose) to discover something re-new. NEW NOW. It is definitely walking in a foggy clouds.

It is a bit silly and smiley.

It is a bit kitschy and lovely.

It is a bit blind and tired.

It is a bit clownish but pompous.

It is a bit slow motion.

I save the world.


︎︎︎Wooden Web
︎︎︎The Erotic
︎︎︎HOW to capture the NOW
︎︎︎Lavande de Bleu
︎︎︎The Object Whisperer
︎︎︎Keep the Distance
︎︎︎Reflections from Something Opaque
︎︎︎The Dawn of a New Age?
︎︎︎Caught in Suspension