...and what about death?

The not so fun twin of NEW NOW as we don’t know the rules of the game.

We don’t talk too much about death, although everything we do is to run from it while running to it.

I suggest an anti fatalistic game, “The Death Jukebox”, combining those moments you go down the youtube rabbit hole, when the intellect stops and the machine serves the purpose of entertaining, and telling the collective truth on big life dilemmas.

A tender mockery on the end, using an almost random tool to generate a jukebox-like experience when embracing curiosities about the end of life as we know it. And not taking it seriously at all. Rule of the game.

I asked my colleagues in the NEW NOW for a single question on death and my reply to each of them is the result of searching on youtube for a song associated by the machine with tags and other relevant information for its complex algorithm to process the request. Stripped by all my sensitivities on the matter. Because what’s the point of a conversation without a ‘Told you so?’ at the end?

You can play it also at home on your couch and the youtube result means nothing, you can count on it, the machine doesn’t have any clue also. But its sheer randomness, uselessness, pause like moment might cause a moment of reflection on the questions on DEATH that I believe my colleagues desire for an answer.

So Shuffle ON, humans!

Get your hands up in the air like you just do not care!

How many times should you die until you are reborn again? - Cristina Buta

Why do we die at all? - Cristina Stoenescu

What image do you see when you dream of the future of a good death? - Tereza Nováková

Do we need to be exposed to death education at an early age (such as childhood) since death is always around us especially since it is our NEW NOW with the ongoing pandemic?
- Christopher Michael Gutierrez

Is death our ultimate destiny? - Rula Dughman

Is there anything like a fortunate death? - Sadya Mizan

How does one become a death midwife? - Ruth Borgfjord

How’s the nowness of dying? (as in it’s not beginning to die, nor the end, when it’s just death, but the middle of dyING) - Iulia Marcu

What is more honorable to do: to celebrate the life of the dead or to grieve the dead? - Monica Dănilă

How do you see the relationship between sleep and death? [ I personally feel that sleep is somehow a state between life and death]  Did it ever happen to you to think - when you go to sleep and it's dark in the room - that maybe the sleep will transform into death? - Ada Muntean

If life ends with death, does death also end with life? - Ann Mbuti

Will consciousness travel to another universe after death?  - Adrian Notz

How would you like to die? - Veronika Shuster

I wish to die exactly like the other day when I thought that I must live - Kaur Chimuk

Is there a post-death welcome event for the newly dead? If so, will there be snacks? Follow up question, are snacks necessary? - Colette Downing