Part 1.

Even if it follows self-induced retirement, in all its forms, all of our forms, the new now  is neither a retrospective nor a prospective. Thus,

No Retro

No pro

Yes, it just is. “Ispective”? “Nospective”?|

From light to dark (or the other way around) is just a matter of seconds, the new now is the discussion of Light Switches vs God. It is the second in which light changed, when beginning becomes the first day. Present is not absent, absent is past.

Present vs present

There is no time to wrap it up real nice, no time for bows nor vows. It is unwrapping the paper as you open towards expectations. Slowly, slightly breaking the paper on the left side, as a result of excitement, | but fastly and brutally taking the adhesive tape on the right side, with care. The present as a box of everything that is, the most of all we can get.

No pre orders available, no refunds, free shipping worldwide.

Now is a present, is a continuous present that we unwrap continuously.

Now is the word. New is the whip. Instead of S&M, we now say N&N.
“Now” gives pleasure in activity, “New” inflicts misery through passivity. If you got it wrong, if you said No,  flagellate yourself. NEW,NEW,NEW! New is the whip. To remember Now, mix them up, NEW NOW, NOW NEW, NEWNEW NOW. We may become positive after this. Going from active to passive is as easy as one letter: E/O. The struggle | between 2 letters. “E” is almost smiling, “O” is almost astonishing. New Now is almost smiling, almost astonishing, eyes stay the same, wide shut, it is under the mask that the change just happens.

There is no time for sentimentalisms, how more now can we get? No. Now.

We own a new way now. Ew, | the future is disgusting. Stay negative, or false positive. YES! Future is great. Make future great..again.

Art does not have to wear a mask. You should not disinfect it but accept that you may be affected by It. Do not send art to the hospitals, it could| not cure. But do you think it “does” nothing? Do you think it is useless?

The uselessness of the artist and   of art is related to the subjective and individualistic freedom that defines modern man. That is its social value. A society that does not value the uselessness of art and demands that everything produced by artists be useful is a tyrannical society that does not value the personal freedom of its citizens

Carlos Amorales
Do not use the same mask over and over again, it might trick people into thinking you are in some way, when actually you are now.

Now is not on the same line, it is the same outline, ‘out’, outwards. It is in-line, in, inwards.

Now takes time off. Now is not a choice for choosing, but we may have a face or not, a voice or not. Mute -> unmute, you know the story. | Instagram stories are for 24 hrs. That is all that is of actuality, 24 hrs. After that, the story is not available anymore. 24 hrs of fame? After the story ends, it becomes an archive, past.

Art story, not art history. Story is now, history is past.

The sweet mother’s touch was followed by disinfection.

It was like a disease in which all body parts changed their fundamental, natural purposes. We embrace with our | elbows, we kiss with the eyes, we embrace everything from a distance. What seemed close is Future. Future is not now, future is not close, future closed. But the End of Future closed. We only have now to think about.

Now is self distance, is now as objective as it can get? NO. It is not an object, because it is vivid. Void, Vie, Vice. No vows for now.                                 

Je suis Désaccord|
Part 2.

From Advice | to vice

Writing in the New Now - or the only way we can freeze time.

Somebody told me that “writing is dead”. I thought: writing is alive during its process, it becomes, it comes to life with every character and even space, blank space. If writing is alive during its very process and dying in the moment it is not written anymore, then being alive is a process, being is now, an everlasting possibility. 

Writing is the only visible action of the thoughts that freeze them in time. Imagine dreaming something extraordinary, wake up in the middle of the night and wish to remember the dream next day. What do you do? Speak it out loud?!  See it?! You write it. And it is freezed, it is now in time, in existence. Writing brings into existence. The only way one can bring into existence is by writing.


Keep notebooks, write on walls, write on your hands, write about right and wrong, write about your house, write, erase and rewrite, write in no language or in all languages. It is not the signs, it is about writing. Write on your phone, write in your mind, write with your hands, take a piece of paper and write now. Write without words, just with signs.

It is absurd only if you think about burning milk instead of not writing without words. Why would you rather burn milk? You wouldn’t, that’s absurd. It is the Absurd Lulu card. So start writing in no language.



N&N is a grafting action.

Legend: rootstock =  (your) Time (of choice)
            scion = NewNow
            sharp knife = pandemic            
            grafting tape =writing = pen, pencils,                             notebooks, typewriters, paper, fingers,                           keyboards, walls, charcoal, hands, tables, phone

Step 1. The split in Time

Time is our first plant, the original time. This Time-plant was at some point in a certain way, its stem looked somehow and not in another way.  The pandemic performed an incision, a wound onto our idea of Time, a cut that seemed to be too deep for Time to survive. Only seemed, because Time survived, not history, nor future, but Time did.
Step 2.  The New Now insertion

   Inside the split of Time, carefully insert the NewNow wedge. The success of this step lays in your patience and close investigation of the contact area of the two, as it is in here, in the cambium layer, that all the vital nutrients are and the exact spot in which the union of Time and NewNow will occur.

Step 3. The healing writing

  The way you can maximize the chances of this union is by using writing in order to freeze your thoughts of both of them together. This writing needs to be flexible but clear, strong, powerful but free in order to cover both Time and NewNow together.
Step 4. Nurturing

      Wait, fertilize |, feed your NewNowTime, protect it until it grows, be patient. NewNowTime is delicate.

    There is Times for everybody, as there is NewNow for all. |