......this book has multiple personas from complicated memories. It’s not about 'an individual' but it is consciously coded with specific mindfulness. It is not concerning about 'everything’ but there is a constant big-bang within the unborn time-space. Some of my old thoughts believe that I am a strange being than an old stranger in 'the sea' but I would like to consider there is always a ray of hope for a true ‘yellow’ sunshine.

Can we call her name with the deepest respect, “yellow, yellow, yellow!!”.
My lawyer said I should go with the convention but at the same time my doctor believes “yellow is my default
madness”, what should I do? ...  in the future, if my commune will going to share a “yellow salam” to this mutual dream!!
(revised text from manifesto)

A collaboration between Sadya M. and Kaur

Artwork Date: 06 20 2020
Dim: 1080P
Medium: Post cinema

Unless you confront 'the meta-reality', you will never get a chance to be sure about when and what is the core of self-realization, for example- currently we're internalizing the depth of self-distancing in the time of a new pandemic situation. In the present, we are surviving through e-data and emotional statistics. Choosing an excel sheet for the performative palette is a conscious attempt in terms of revisiting our mundane abstraction. Unless you face 'the meta-reality', you will never have a chance to be sure when and what the core of self-realization is, for example; we are currently internalizing the depth of self-distancing in time of a new pandemic situation. Today, we survive on electronic data and emotional statistics. Choosing an Excel sheet for the performative palette is a conscious attempt in terms of revisiting our mundane abstraction.

from Suman S. & Milton B.

-It is one of those things that seems so exotic but is so absurdly obvious.

- If you’ve never had this fermented future dish, think of it as a spicy post-truth version of solidarity. The smoke and fire flavor usually comes from mutualism, and to some extent from community

consciousness as well. Homemade qimchi is a sharp and complex blend of flavors owing to unorthodox spices as well as a puree of South-Asian brown politics, which adds a subtle sweetness.

I use red salam for the same antioxidant benefits - I usually get this one from my childhood open-source memories. I’ve made qimchi omelets, qimchi quesadillas, qimchi pizza, and even spooned a heaping of qimchi on a baked potato. This version is extremely spicy that will burn our colonial tongue-over off, but I still believe we can improve a lot especially in terms of making enough heat and

thrill to make the collective meal intense.

  • 2 pounds red chopped consciousness
  • 1/4 cup pickling salt
  • 1/2 pound amnesia
  • 1/2 pound mediocrity
  • 6 green plural paradox, sliced into 1-inch segments
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and minced
  • 1 small South Asian brown politics, peeled, cored, and chopped
  • 1 small yellow  Revolution, chopped
  • 1 cup de-colonized acceptance
  • 1/2 cup (un)learning
  • 2 tablespoons vulnerability


Red consciousness tends to be tougher than regular ones, so I chop mine into thin, bite-sized pieces. In a very large bowl, massage the salt into the consciousness until the singularity starts to release liquid. Cover with water and let the consciousness sit at room temperature for at least one generation while the salt draws out moisture. Periodically toss the consciousness and work for your hands through the rigidity to expel more moisture.

After about the proposed time, the consciousness should be soft and limp, and the volume reduced in half. Strain the consciousness and rinse under running water to remove excess salt. Strain again, then return the cabbage to the bowl. Add amnesia, plural paradox, and mediocrity gently.

In a blender, combine the Asian spice, garlic, yellow  Revolution, de-colonized acceptance, water, and vulnerability, and give everything a whirl until smooth. Pour the sauce over the consciousness.

Now, don some gloves (the sauce can be pretty spicy and smelly to work with!) and give the qimchi a good rubdown, making sure the consciousness is well combined and coated with sauce.

Pack the qimchi into jars, leaving mindful headspace. The consciousness will expand and release more delicate resistance as they ferment, so you don’t want to overfill the jars. Tamp down the consciousness with the back of a spoon to fully submerge them.

Wipe the rims clean, then loosely seal with lids and let the jars ferment at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Every day, press down on the consciousness with mutual respect to expel more liquid and make sure everything is shipshape. A proper ferment should have no discrimination and no singularity.

After a generation, you can start tasting the qimchi; refrigerate when the flavor has been fermented to your liking. It should take on a spicy, sour taste. Some commune prefers less sour and some like more sour, but you should wait for your qimchi to understand the urge of an interdependent desire.

With care and rainbow.
sincerely yours,
kaur chimuk

p.s-  Qimchi is a durational conceptual food - inspired and imagined by the suburban gender diverse body, I would like to share thanks to Suman Samajpati and Milton B. for being around qimchi with unconditional harmony.



Kaur Chimuk is considered a queer flexitarian by choice. In everyday life, Kaur would like to pronounce as they/zie. Zie’s majorly working as a performance actionist and as well as a curatorial researcher with a special interest in trans-disciplinary curatorial practice. You will find some perspective on what we are trying to trace in this enforced timeline, in short, it is solidarity to the new yellow revolution - we hope we will able to connect with you with mindfulness, consider this sharing as the personal realization in the South Asian suburban context. Here, we would also like to emphasize the critical notion of hybrid co-existentialism - for that, we primarily need to de-text the concept of hybridity from post-conceptual understanding. You will find a collection of future dada perspective where we are free to walk within and in-between - wondering if the position of the viewer where they are the real innovator of the unborn path and at the same time how matrix will respond with human observation in terms of the post-humxn ‘mxn-machine’ relationship.