Mango Tree

«To come under the shade of this mango tree with such deliberateness and to experience the fulfillment of solitude emphasize my need for communion. While I am physically alone proves that I understand the essentiality of to be with.» Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Heart, 1998

«Under the Mango Tree – Sites of Learning» is a format initiated by Sepake Angiama and Elke aus dem Moore for Documenta 14. It is concerned with forms of collective learning/unlearning, indigenous knowledges, oral history and nonhierarchical modes of exchange. The 2020 edition of «under the mango tree» took place at the art school, Kala Bhavana, in Santiniketan, West Bengal which was established by the poet, writer, and composer Rabindranath Tagore in 1919. It was a self-organised gathering curated by Sepake Angiama, Sanchayan Ghosh and Tara Lasrado. For Lasrado this experience would go on to inspire her vision for future projects which brings together the knowledge of local communities, artists and scientists around natural ecosystem restoration.

The Mango Tree therefore aims to explore the potential of creating alternatives, to unlearn and unravel the modern institution, curriculum, and canon, to retain artisanal skills and to share embodied indigenous knowledges with artists, scientists and NGO’s. The Mango Tree explores the role that art can play in environmentally fragile contexts.


︎︎︎Landscapes of (Un)Learning – On Ecology, Care and Community
︎︎︎My Now, Our Now, the New Now
︎︎︎Caught in Suspension
︎︎︎The Object Whisperer