Ann Mbuti, Zurich, Switzerland

is a freelance writer and publicist exploring the mutual influence of art, culture and society. Coming from the field of media and communication science, Mbuti completed a MA in Cultural Publishing at the Zurich University of the Arts followed by a post-graduation program at the Creative Writing institute of the American University of Paris. She gained experiences of exhibition making and planning through working in the scenography field. Her time at the Guggenheim Museum in New York 2018 caused a rethinking of the role of institutions at the interface of art and society and encouraged her to develop more contemporary forms of bringing art and society together.
Christopher Michael Gutierrez B., Laredo, Texas, USA

is a cultural researcher, installation and performance artist, and an aspiring curator. Christopher is currently a student researcher at the Global Center of Advanced Studies  (GCAS) College Dublin pursuing a BA/MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in  Political-Artistic and Philosophical Practices under the guidance of Dr. Francisco  Gonzalez Castro.  He has worked  with US Congressman Henry Cuellar (District 28) where he gained specialties in grant  writing and constituent services and has been active with community building with  nonprofit organizations and alternative/third parties.

Colette Downing, London, UK

is a recent graduate of the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, where for the past year she has studied for her MA in the History of Art with a particular focus on the art production of modernist Russia (1890-1953). Prior to her Masters, she undertook a BA in contemporary Visual Culture at Goldsmiths University in South London, providing her with an informed history of European art from the early nineteenth century to the present day. At this moment in time, she is working with a number of creative researchers and practitioners on creating a podcast focused on documenting a number of thematic art histories.

Cristina Bută, Bucharest, Romania

holds a BA Honours Literary Studies & Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam and a MA Curating Art & Cultures, University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit. Between 2017-2018 she collaborated as a research assistant with Charles Esche on his work around de-modernising and experimental institutionalism. Between 2018-2019, she was a curator in training at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Cristina also frequently worked as a film moderator for the IDFA and the NFF festivals in the Netherlands.
Cristina Stoenescu, Bucharest, Romania

has an MA at the Architecture University in a hybrid-study programme with Bucharest University on art history and theory. She has a second MA at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She undertook the position of a gallery curator at Anca Poterasu, with whom she had formed a strong collaboration for the past four years.
Edith Lazăr, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

is an art writer, (unprofessional) fashion theorist, and curator. She started her journey in the art world with a penchant for art history that soon turned towards the intermesh of contemporary art and philosophy, and which got her a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Culture, and Communication from Babes- Bolyai University in Cluj. She co-founded the curatorial collective Aici Acolo, a non-profit project with an 'on-the-move' format, reactivating unused or abandoned urban spaces in Cluj by showcasing young artists.

Georgiana Toea, Bucharest, Romania

is a former independent art school principal, founder and manager of Artskul, an art center in Bucharest, while also being the creative director, PR, client service, logistics, jack of all trades for 6 years. She nurtured and promoted art projects that at some of their peaks become movements with national engagement. Such as, a platform launched in 2013, that provides schooling, tutorials, online sessions,challenges (contests), and other lots of opportunities for DJs to develop their skill and career.
Iulia Marcu, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

began her artistic experience with an internship as a tour guide at the Paintbrush Factory, which was the first and by far the most important place for contemporary art in Cluj. It was at the Paintbrush Factory that she met Mihai Pop, to whom she owes a lot of her artworld experiences and knowledge. She took an internship at Galeria Plan B in Berlin that involved work that varied from archival work, which she enjoyed the most, to diverse organizational work, or tour guides of the exhibitions in the gallery space. She was a custodian at the Venice Biennale at the past edition.

Juan Fernando Duque Restrepo, Brussels, Belgium

has graduated from the Postgraduate Program in Curatorial Studies at KASK – Royal Conservatory, Gent - BE. He has completed a Master after Master of Research in Arts and Design, Sint Lucas Antwerp (2011) as well as Postgraduate Studies in Transmedia, Sint Lukas Brussels (2008). He graduated as an architect and obtained a Master of Science in Urban Landscaping from KULEUVEN (2006)-BE.
Karolina Aleiferopoulou Mackiewicz, Athens, Greece

is a curator and cultural manager based in Athens, Greece. After studying Art theory and Art History at Athens School of Fine Arts, she worked as a curator’s assistant for Hydra School Projects, as gallery assistant for Cheapart and production team member for the Benaki Museum. She was selected for the NEON Curatorial Exchange 2013 between Whitechapel Gallery London and Neon Greece and she continued her practice as curator and festival coordinator. In 2019 she finished her MA in Cultural Management from Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, was a recipient of the Erasmus+ research scholarship at Oxford University and wrote her thesis on the practice and sustainability potential of artist-run spaces in Athens.

Kata Ungvári-Zrínyi, Târgu-Mureș, Romania

applied for Goldsmiths University in London for a postgraduate diploma course in Contemporary Art History. At Goldsmiths, alongside her core Histories of Art course, her chosen subjects were The Curatorial, and Object Studies. At the moment she is involved in the archive project of the B5 Studio, working through the ARTeast archive (1989-present). She is also organising the 3rd edition of a Winter Games project, which brings contemporary art into the overwhelming phenomenon of Christmas holidays.
Katarina Bogataj, Ljubljana, Slovenia

is a postgraduate student of Art History and South Slavic Languages and Literature at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the year of 2019, she became editor-in-chief of the website Artfiks, which is intended to connect students and alumni from four faculties: the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Architecture, the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Academy of Visual Arts.
Kaur Chimuk, India

is considered a queer flexitarian by choice. In everyday life, Zie’s majorly functioning as a performance actionist and as well as a curatorial researcher with a special interest in trans-disciplinary curatorial practice. Zie completed grad. with a specialization in graphic design from India, in the final year dissertation/thesis, they got a scope to work on user object-oriented web architecture design for the public health sector. Kaur also pursued an advanced diploma in Multimedia Design with a specialization in two-dimensional graphic animation. While studying in the final year, zie accepted an offer to work with an international artist collective which is majorly working from Shantiniketan-Kolkata-Delhi, where they had a wonderful time together to study various cultural methods both in terms of participatory practice and action research program. In the year 2014 - Kaur started exploring the body of work beyond the digital screen and its synthetic synchronicity - zie discovered that they have deep down interest in political performance tools as well. Currently working from India also has a working base in Sweden(meteor international) & UK(inventory platform). In the last couple of years, zie has shared a special interest in non-binary viewership and the participatory curatorial model. Recently, zie has started a curatorial research platform in India which is also known as - TAC or Tracing A City, where you can find most of their collective working research and initiative. As an individual practitioner, zie likes to explore the body as a political space for nonbinary action field and as well as a platform for fluid visual poetry.

Monica Dănilă, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

is a graduate of the bachelor's program History and Theory of Art, in 2018, respectively of the master's program Contemporary Curatorial Practices, in 2020. In 2017, she held the position of manager of the art store within the Quadro gallery, being responsible for managing the physical and online store, cataloging works, and writing the biographies of the represented artists. At the moment, she works on projects with MAGMA Contemporary Art Space in Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania.
Rula Dughman, Bethlehem, Palestine

is a Curator & Director of the Bab idDier Art Gallery. After 15 years of working at various social and grants organizations, she decided to move on to pursue her passion in art and culture. In 2017 she founded Bab idDeir art Gallery, the first independent non profit gallery in the area. Since then she followed many steps to improve her knowledge and experience in art and curating so as to work effectively and help to promote and co-work with young artists.
Sadya Mizan, Bangladesh

is an independent curator and researcher based in Bangladesh. Completing her Post-Graduation from the Faculty of Fine art, University of Dhaka- BD, she has been involved in various fields as a coordinator, creative director and project manager in Bangladesh. She is the founder of URONTO Artists Community in Bangladesh since 2012. The Uronto artist community works toward archiving lost narratives of abandoned heritage buildings in the rural areas of Bangladesh by involving inter-disciplinary artistic practices. Sadya curated 9 successful episodes of Uronto residential art exchange program in 6 different districts in Bangladesh.
rubo, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

is an artist, therapist and curator living and working out of Cluj, Romania. She was born and raised in Transylvania. She has spent most of her young adult life in Yukon, Northern Canada and has returned to Romania after 13 years. Since returning to Romania she has started the first LGBTQ+ women’s group called Queer Sisterhood Cluj and this year she founded Transylvania Queer Art.

Tatiana-Laura Moise, Bucharest, Romania

is a frequent collaborator of the Bucharest-based art galleries. She has a MA degree in art history at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. At the beginning of this year, she was offered an International Master Mobility Scholarship at Université Paris1 Panthéon-Sorbonne which gave her the unique chance to live in the Ierunca-Lovinescu house in Paris until the end of summer.
Tereza Nováková, Prague, Czech Republic

is a freelance curator and a theorist of contemporary art and does a lot of trans-disciplinary cooperation. She has 9 years of practice in curating, organizing and production. Since 2020 she curates and does production and administration in project CirculUM 2020, MuralartUM on the program Arts for City (Public art) at Prague City Gallery in Prague, cooperating with the trans-disciplinary platform
Lavande de Bleu, Berlin, Germany

( has a vast career as a visual artist, performance artist and film director and would like to expand their skills in curating and writing. The current practice includes research-driven, sensually themed, video, soundscape, photography and sculpture projects, as well as durational performances and participatory installations which challenge culturally hegemonic notions relating to existential questions such as; human value, intersectionality, subconsciousness, otherness, embodiment, spirituality, bodily autonomy, gender identity and power structures.
Veronika Shuster, Kyiv, Ukraine

is an ukrainian-based cultural manager and performer. Now she is working on the creation of the `One Day Project` — block of events in the cross of art in fashion, where work of young artists will be inspired by the art works of the great old generation masters. Also she is a performer in postdramatic theatre PostPlay and currently researching art brute of Pavlov Psychiatric Clinic (Kyiv).