NEW NOW Art Manifesto

A group of artists, curators, researchers, writers, critics and activists that join together for the sake of creating a new perspective of art
A group from different gender, age and backgrounds that will work for a collective local and global narrative
A group dedicated to change mindset ,challenge norms and fear no limits
A group that is not trapped by the classical repeated art
A group that is open for anyone that is determined to create change

To work collectively and constantly
To question everything and not to take anything for granted
To make art inspired and relevant to our culture values and community
To keep imagination that could challenge reality and to be new designers for the new  world
To empower young artists and curators and provide them the space and tools to nurture
To resist any force or power that might undermine our mandate that and vision

Art that has no limits and can be beyond expectations
Art that will contribute in achieving political and social justice ,…
Art that explores different perspectives and contribute to change the world into better  future …
Art that opens the opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge
An independent art liberated from any powers or authorities influence



NOW.. I am in an unfamiliar and awkward situation !! quarantined or isolated in in a small studio room in Chicago , an air b and b place that I rented this week , actually for the last 8 days I lived /or stayed in i three places different places !!!
Since Mid October I travelled from Palestine to Chicago to visit my parents that I didn’t see for the last years, the plan was to visit them the summer of 2020 but with Covid 19 could do not do that neither they were able to come back home , and so when the borders opened I travelled to see them , could not wait more and I was afraid that I might not see them ever again.

I was staying at my sisters place , enjoying family , spoiled by my mom’s delicious meals every day !! until last Saturday , when my sisters friend who insisted to invite me for a coffee at her place last week , called to let me know that she had symptoms and her covid test was positive , and then I understand the reason behind the unusual headache and joints pain, it seems I have symptoms too, I had to leave and stay in another place for the safety of my family, and I guess I needed to be alone while attending the new now, the first 2 days I was not comfortable interacting with you since all of them were sleeping …
I found a nice cozy studio near them but was not valid until Tuesday noon , so I went to a small hotel and stayed 3 nights , and then moved to my now studio here.. . by the way I did the test .. I am positive too ..

I am lucky and grateful that so far my illness is controlled , bearable headaches and joint pains, well that was until this Tuesday when I realized that I lost my taste and smell senses !! oh ya for the smell I can adjust with it , but for the tasting , it’s a torture especially for me someone that loves food , for a second I thought that this is my new now –the experience of losing taste but I could not do that I don’t want to think that it can be a reality, it’s something temporarily and will go away , I don’t want to pressure myself more- in any way I find life meaningless when food is taste less, the only thing am sure of it now that will stop using the phrase “ “ we eat to live not we live to eat” ..

Its Wednesday, finally iam settled down , I have to prepare my presentation and contribution , in great confusion I confess , in the middle of this chaos and pain, I try to focus , everyday listening to the discussions and thoughts of you all, is not that easy …, , my mind is swinging between theories and concepts , objects and practices . how can I make sense of everything around me , I feel its too much – iam drowned with thoughts and keywords, or maybe it’s the influence of the Panadol drug – Adrian how can I think of what is beyond in this chaos , a sentence that kept buzzing my mind since Wednesday.
Actually , I was ready , I had various ideas of what could my new now presentation be about , some historical background about art scene in the Arab world and particularly in Palestine, the art of Resilience, identity ,land and freedom , the tool that artists use to retell and revive our narratives.
, yet I did not feel that this could be my new now –.

Then I got excited to talk about local contemporary art projects that inspired me personally the last year , Vivian sansour -Palestine seeds library, an interactive art and agriculture project that aims to provide a conversation for people to exchange seeds and knowledge, and to tell the stories of food and agriculture that may have been buried away and waiting to sprout like a seed.

And Sari khoury and his research and winery project , and Sandy Hilal and her decolonizing architecture project –they are great artists but still I don’t feel ok with this …

Then I thought I can explore more the “key wards” that we have been talking about and discussing for the last week , “ history, dada, mediate, sense and non-sense , feminism , colonial fantasy , decolonization, consciousness, self-revolution, fearless, …….” But I failed to do anything with them or actually I did not add anything I felt iam repeating what we have talking about for the last days new input I guess . so I contacted a group of friends about 20 persons working with different fields, heath, management, music ,visual art, I asked their input on the term “new now” maybe they can help me with some new insights , all answers were almost similar Mask or virtual, uncontrolled, online schooling ..i don’t know maybe I wasn’t clear enough ....its obvious that we are not on the same line…well I guess iam a bit beyond them…

Wednesday night, What to do, I really feel the stress of presentation , yes Monica we are overwhelmed with the world “ presentation” –. Although iam hundred present aware , we are not a school any more, but the world has strong impact in my mind and heart …. Or maybe because I already listened and interacted with more than 20 marvelous presentation so far and I am under the pressure of preparing a good one .. ..
In the middle of my isolation and the tasteless status, i got interrupted by phone calls Issa my husband -working in the health management, stressed too complaining about his fear of the coming catastrophe , the health system is collapsing , number of covid patients is rapidly increasing , Reham my friend who is depressed since she is now loosing her business , a very nice café serving local organic food , she cant handle costs anymore !!

Or Yasmin my 16 years old daughter , who called me crying and frustrated because the school had called off the prom party , a party that she had been dreaming of the since last year imagining her look, dress, her hair..her prayers that I might approve her sleep over at her friend house –…..all that gone with the wind -…
Such an interruption pulled me away from the New Now mood and thoughts, So how can I think of my new now in the middle of all this- how can I relate it to the real world iam living it ..attempts failed

Went to bed without any progress , the problem now I cant relate to the new now any more ..i guess I must sleep.
Today is Thursday things are the same tired of thinking about anything , I attended the meetings , tried my best to enjoy the presentations and our links and contributions…..its already 4:00pm my time 12:00 Romain time , still no progress …we should meet again in few hours .. nothing is ready …I should not give up ..iam warrior ..
I hold the remote control turned on TV I wanted to break the silence and to let sounds distract my mind maybe that can help, , ok there is Netflix , I went into john account , I guess he is the landlord son , and went into his the movie list and randomly pushed a button
..oh my god the Matrix .. that’s all I need 
My poor husband failed to convince me to watch the matrix trilogy … Its not that i hate fiction and technology but maybe its was very confusing to me at the time who lives , who dies and why do I have to suffer with all that .. .. but tonight I was able to relate to Matrix for the first time, maybe because we are in the dilemma of virtual vs real life …
Ok I got excited Maybe Matrix , could be a start , I will not watch it now but sure later on..i did some google search about the film, and the keywords I see such as philosophy of Matrix, the influence of mythology , the blind obedience to the system, is the wool that has been pulled over our eyes that we are slaves…
Trapped again . ..
Maybe getting into deeper analysis with the Matrix is not the right time nor the right moment ,
.. turned off the TV did not help after all…and then out of the blue , a friends advise crossed my mind , Shireen, a close friend advised me to follow my instinct rather than looking for outcomes, she is right who cares any more about outcomes, I spent 15 years working in organization development and all these efforts planning, inputs, outputs, outcome impact failed in this fragile world ,
And so I decided to stop thinking about what can be my presentation, and just write what ever I want....i don’t know where it might takes me ..

At last I feel relieved now , brought my computer and started to type …but no !! I want something else ..something more relaxing I guess..i don’t want to loose my energy in typing ..
I remembered the app might be my savior.. i Prepared coffee, this my fourth cup today , dont know why I drink it , tasteless zips.. opened my the computer download the free and relaxed on my couch started sharing with you my thoughts , chats ..or diaries I really dont want to give it a name.... I imagined you surrounding me and started chatting with you

Uffff finally I did it ,that wasn’t that bad…I just had speak clearly and the app typed my ideas without any interpretations..i am done ..i guess .. highlight the text , copy and paste and with some few edits iam ready .
but wait did I answer what is my new now

My now is full of doubts and challenges.. ..Adrian your “beyond” world can not leave my mind

What is art and what art can …
What is curating ..
How to liberate our mind set
I know I don’t have answers I will just keep these questions as my lead to my NEW NOW waiting them to sprout like a seed.

Thank you all and iam looking forward to go through all your contributions at the google drive plan to do for December ..

By the way if you wondering why I used this image during my reading , simply because one of the ideas I had last week to do podcast, I bought a microphone , but amazon failed to deliver it on time since iam not premier customer , so I used my imagination well its 11:00 pm my time am what could you

Rula Dughman
Nov.26 ,2020