rubo 2020

new now

new now

no now

not now

now now

the new now

meow meow

says the erotic cat

to the erotic audience

under erotic gaze

eroticlly colonising

colonising eroticlly

colonising the erotic

eroticising the coloniser

eroticising the colonised


fantastic reality

beyond this reality

the neurosis of the pandemic

meow meow

eroticising the pandemic

eroticising the curator within

eroticising the other

eroticising me

eroticising you

can’t bare to hold the difficulty of the now

i dreamt we were pairing

incestuously with each other

each smile an invitation

each gaze a penetration

i turn my camera off

i’ve had enough sex for one course

it’s the new

not new

not old

maybe old

the old now


who dis

it’s the new now

not now

in the meantime, in the west, while idealising the west

i wake up in xenophobic dream

i bring that dream back to the east and i call it art

i make the colonised pay for it

to make a living

secretly living in colonial transference

filled with fear and mistrust

we are babies

attacking the mother’s body

turning against our land

turning against our mother tongue

for a supremacy that’s an illusion

because you’ll always be a xenos


our accents give us away

the pure breed must always be placed front and centre

as to establish hierarchy

for if your tongue betrays you

you’ll be ostracised