The Erotic

The Erotic in Art.

Psychoanalysis and the Erotic.

The cis male gaze. The cis male artist. The cis male pleasure. Subject/Object. Cultural definition of art. Cultural definition of beauty. The feminist gaze. The feminist artist. The feminist pleasure. Suppression of the erotic. Universal bisexuality. Body orifices. Eyes. Nostrils. Mouth. Ears. Throat. Nipples. Urethrae. Vulva. Anus. The pleasure principle. Group dynamics. Pairing. Sexual transference. Copulating = Creating. Life drive. Birthing art. Erotic during a pandemic. Erotic art. Erotically arting. Arting the erotic. Eroticising the art. Eroticising the artist. [Ph]antasy. Reality.


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