The Object Whisperer

One who is attuned to objects and connected to materiality, and uses these intense interactions with the material world to connect (therefore situating themselves as well) and not to possess.

The Object Whisperer has studied materiality extensively, yet is not a savant. They connect to deeper truths on an affective level, and are always open to unexpected journeys.

Having the approach of a therapist combined with that of the seeker, their connection is more listening than whispering, and not coercion but mindful analysis.

The wisdom of (listening to) objects often leads them towards the role of mediator, in order to share these truths with others or a general harmonizing activity. They are usually found harmonizing where there has been conflict, trying to mend what has been broken, bringing together different sides, carefully weaving through different narratives. 

- aware, reflective and mindful
- inquisitive and playful
- open, kind and gentle
- is willing to sacrifice time and effort in order to fix (a broken object, the damaged environment, even mediate parallel discourses)

how to become one: Exercises


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