The Potentialist

The Potentialist thinks in context of that which is unrealised, yet able to shine forth when activated, that which is in potentia.
Potentiality is paradoxical in that it implies a state in which infinite possibilities exist but haven’t yet become an actuality and as soon as something becomes real all the other possibilities are eliminated.
The Potentialist spends time in this autonomous state of multiple scenarios and attempts to re-establish the Idea as a pivotal moment, as a place where everything exists already and not yet.


︎︎︎My Now, Our Now, the New Now
︎︎︎The Happy Uselessness of the Artist
︎︎︎The End of Future and the NEW NOW
︎︎︎Hear Writing Right HereIn Between: Nostalgia as a Mean of Constructing Reality
︎︎︎The Object Whisperer
︎︎︎Art Worker