Visceral Thinking

«An astrologer-poet who knows about the path of the sun, the moon, the eclipses, the stars, and the comets; of hours, days, months, and years; and about the four winds of the world, in order to sow crops, since ancient times.»
Rivera Cusicanqui, Silvia, Ch’ixinakax utxiwa, On Practices and Discourses of Decolonization, trans. Molly Geidel, Polity Press, 2020: 11.


︎︎︎Visceral Thinking
︎︎︎You will Never Walk Alone
︎︎︎Keep the Distance
︎︎︎The lesser-known Guide for a Bezmetic Now*
︎︎︎In Between: Nostalgia as a Mean of Constructing Reality
︎︎︎Lavende de Bleu
︎︎︎The Object Whisperer
︎︎︎HOW to capture the NOW
︎︎︎Landscapes of (Un)Learning – On Ecology, Care and Community